Charlotte Jane Kessler


Restore yourself through creativity, art and coaching

Restorative Coaching is a way for you come back home to your true self and blossom fully into your life! The container I provide for you is woven with gentleness, the wisdom of cycles and creative enquiry. The healing intelligence of nature, and the power of archetype and metaphor nourish our work, where talking, mindful practice and therapeutic art are active agents of healing.

If you are wondering where your vitality has gone and want to manifest changes in your life I offer ways to remove obstacles and clear the way forwards. If you need deep support and a safe space, not only learning how to be with loss and change but how to transform and grow through it, I can help.

I offer a FREE 15 minute conversation to see if we are mutually happy to work together

 Women’s wellness Circles

Every month I facilitate a women's wellness circle working with specially chosen themes to support your exploration and expansion of nurturing and self care.
My wellness group provides a space for like minded women to come together in a loving and supportive way. We tap into to the cycles of nature, lean into the presence of our inner and outer seasons and support each other with whole hearts!

If you are longing to come together with women to honour feminine wisdom and experience a sense of the sacred in every day life then this circle is for you.

buy Charlotte’s artwork

What you can buy in my online shop are limited edition prints, exquisitely hand finished by me to enrich your home and workplace. 
Some hang in collections in far flung places. Many more reside on bedside tables, in sacred spaces of healing and in softly-lit alcoves. Recurring themes of nature, rites of passage and the feminine are waiting to delight you.

These are Charlotte’s collections:

Meet the industrious winged creatures at A Time of Bees
Explore mythical portraits of Feminine Awakening
Meet the elongated and whimsical figures, the Long Ladies


My creative Practice