about charlotte jane


In this crazy over-filled world an older, deeper part of ourselves yearns for meaning, peace and solace.

Home is Lincolnshire, in a small village where the skies are wide and the air is fresh.  My garden studio found me after twenty years away, drawn back by the longing to return to my roots ‘Up North’.

From here I paint every day, diving into the depths of nature, absorbing her cycles. I’m constantly exhilarated by the call to create new visual landscapes which touch and inspire.


Art is a way to make deep connection and quench the soul. To forge that way means exploring themes of fragmentation, alienation and disconnection as well as those of sisterhood, empowerment and enchantment. Out of the shadows dawns fresh light on the subject of reconciliation, our relationship with the world and the rites of passage which accompany being human.

Nature's voice

My brushstrokes move to the rhythm of nature’s metaphors and symbols: from the elaborate and heroic lives of bumbling insects to dark forests enveloping me in mysterious feminine softness. Living things anchor me to the moment in all its unpretentious interwoven complexity.  

These are the moments you experience when you view my work.  

They open a door to glimpsing something new on your own journey, however simple, however unexpected.

inner renewal

And art can bring healing. Aware of this potential, it nevertheless fills me with awe to discover that pieces can bring relief and transforming self-revelation. Hear a Canadian client’s touching story about looking at ‘Listen to the Moon’ below. 

People really ‘get’ her paintings. They aren’t clever or over conceptual yet there are layers of meaning to search for.’
— Phil Haxby Thompson, wine merchant, USA

My Story

... is best found hiding within my work.  For the still curious, being a full-time artist came a while after gaining a BA Hons in Fine Art. But my degree studies on memory and the human body led to a Masters and becoming an Art Psychotherapist. 

After a decade in the visceral world of non-statutory mental health and drug services as an art therapist, in 2011 I responded to an inner call to work purely as an artist. 

Commissions have ranged from murals to book illustration, along with portraits and a series for a skin clinic. Originals of my work can be found across the globe and you may see ranges of my work as cards in discerning outlets! Outside of my art, I love to write poetry, garden and walk in nature. I am constantly grateful.

I aspire to 'See the reality. Reality is more beautiful than anything you have ever imagined' - Prem Rawat.

Galleries and the media can find a full biography and exhibition list  soon, here.

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