Women’s wellness circle

Marking 6 months of the wellness circle workshop with Prayer Stick Making at Mansions of the Future, Lincoln, LN5 7EQ

Marking 6 months of the wellness circle workshop with Prayer Stick Making at Mansions of the Future, Lincoln, LN5 7EQ

Breath and Connect

Each month I support you to gently reconnect with your mind, body and soul with different themes to expand capacity for nourishment and self care. With guided meditations, relaxation exercise and mindful body movement we drop into safe feminine space for restoration and exploration.

I hold space for women to be with like minded women so that together we can be present with and embrace the joy and pain of life.

Join us and remember what it feels like to be in close community again. I invite you to come and learn the art of sisterhood; reconnect to your wild self, your deep open heart and the landscape of your soul.

Please find dates and event details here. Booking in advance is essential. If however you are unable to pay online please contact me to check available spaces and pay at event. Thank you.

Your Monthly Restoration

Many women are looking for an antidote to the busyness of life and more and more women long to come together in sacred space that feels protected from the crazy consuming world. Its more than being away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, its about the intention of being in traditional circle with other women and inviting the old ways to be reborn.

Here is your invitation to let go of hard edges and drop into your softness. My pure and simple rituals and self care expansions themes (such as ‘rooting down to feed the flame’, and ‘living from your heart centre) provide a soft container each month in which to relax, explore and connect. Combined with all our collective mindful presence we weave our lives back in to the sacred divine.



Nourished by Nature

Our evening together includes a traditional tea ceremony made with herbs that I hand pick locally and seasonally. The leaves and flowers are ones that best reflect the inner work we are doing at that given wellness circle. There are always a number of tea options, particularly if you are pregnant.

We mark the seasons with special gatherings and extended wellness circle events. You will be kept up to date as we move through the year and once you have attended the circle you’ll be given the option of joining the Women’s Wellness Circle mailing list.