The stars in all their brightness speak to me

Well, their souls do anyway

The ancestors calling from yesterday

Have messages for my heart to hear.

The red headed girl I met coincidentally

Opened out celestial planes to me

Reminded me of infinite possibilities...

Where once father had said to me 

Pic up the tools and play

To figure out more, of this divine plan

Where open hearts help us understand

The simplest of love,

So authentic and true

Is precious to any woman or man.


The Feminine Awakening Portrait Collection are a 150 limited edition run with a certificate of authentication. The print is titled, numbered, and signed by Charlotte Jane.

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Giclee printed on professional 220 gm traditional fine art paper carries 100% guarantee for longevity of colour quality with no fade. Prints of this size will be delivered rolled in a postal tube and are ready to fit into a 50 cm x 50 cm standard frame.