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My passion is helping people like you to reconnect with your creative vitality so you can step into your life more fully and weave your dreams. Authentically you.

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Life; we like it to be simple, but frequently it gets complicated; be it by general busyness, the burden of grief, the black dog of depression. Having someone walk alongside you, to help you invest in yourself, even for only an hour a week, you can realise your potential so much faster than navigating your journey alone. The magic of working with a coach is the focus, support, motivation and guidance you receive every step of the way. We do not know, what we do not know, but with the expertise of a therapeutic relationship the pieces of the puzzle are easier to find and put together.


To be genuinely empowered and show up fully in life takes heartfelt courage and vision. I will help you get fully present with who you are, by working towards removing the obstacles and behavioural patterns that repeatedly prevent you from taking flight. Even if your goal is to be more grounded and do less, my methods of exploration, enquiry and creative problem solving are there to help your transformation.


If you’re reading this its most likely you are deeply contemplating how best to support yourself at this juncture in your life. All you have to do is take the first step today and we can go from there.