Gentle is the power of letting go

We are entering a new season. The landscape is beginning to transform around us and temperatures are getting cooler. Each day the sun is descending lower in the sky and I notice my contentment. Seeing the leaves changing colour around me and knowing that nature is beginning to let go. We too can permit ourselves an internal change of season.


By definition to 'let go' means "to relax ones hold (on); release". It can also describe "relinquishing ones grip on something or someone and allowing someone to be set free". (Collins and Oxford Dictionary) 

What a gift. The language of Nature shows us a way to understanding by simply doing what she does. I wonder at the magic of the biological breakdown taking place as the trees and plants relinquish their bloom to draw down vital nutrients into the roots. These are stored during the cold months until next season of Spring and then used to generate a rebirth of life.

Nature knows to fall back into herself for rest and inner renewal. She is preparing to be still. 

 I have been practicing moments of creative flow and intentionally letting go of the internal chatter and voice of judgement to feel that stillness. It is fun and reminds me of when I trained as an Art Therapist where we would allow the focus on the process rather than product.

The image acts as a mediator  to explore elements of self, feelings and thoughts. It can hold many layers of meaning within it and is a perfect mirror to problem solve and reflect. 

My soulful art making brought me fun with inks and gold gel. What materials would you use?

My soulful art making brought me fun with inks and gold gel. What materials would you use?

There is no right or wrong way to express oneself, its more about permission to be playful and curious. We can make a mess, be beautifully minimal, take a line for a walk or let paint spill over the page. Whatever way, its simply about being in light conversation with self. The art a visual language to support the gentle enquiry into mind, body and soul.

There is something very grounding about the mind, eye and body connection. It pulls our energy into our hearts and belly so that we are present and focused. Quiet and almost still.


"You stand at the still-point, in the eye of the storm, the still-point of the equinox and so become better able to face going forward again".

                              ~ Elen Sentier. 'Tree of the Goddess'


With love and colourful well being

Charlotte Jane


If you like the idea of taking part in one of these creative spaces hosted by me, you can book a place and find out more here. There are more to come in the new year too.

Charlotte Jane Kessler