Ask, and I will create your dream piece

Commissioning a piece sounds so grand, yet it’s not! It’s a lovely way to create an intimate gift or to make a painting truly yours. It starts with sharing a wish, or idea in your mind’s eye (no matter how fuzzy it seems) so that I can tease out how to reflect it with precision and depth in a stunning piece of work. 

The enjoyment we get from her work never fades and that is the sign of a great artist
— Lincoln Laser Skin Clinic

create something beautiful

Whether you're looking for the commissioning experience to be a personal journey of inner exploration, or simply want me to create something beautiful for your home or office is up to you.

In both cases I will take you by the hand through a sensitive and seamless process. My pledge is to listen, help you get clear, define the desired result and ensure you feel confident your piece of work will move you and those you share it with as you wish. 

Practically – having worked with numerous clients in the UK and abroad – you can relax knowing we’ve agreed budget, time frames and a clear framework. 

In terms of the piece, it’s my delight to infuse the painting with specific qualities, metaphors and symbols which whisper their private messages to you and/or the recipient.

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Awakened Women Portraits

Drawing on over a decade’s creative therapeutic work, to commission an ‘Awakened Woman’ portrait is to embark on a rich self-nurturing journey of self-revelation. Our joyful collaboration results in a painting which reflects your inner beauty and hints at your unique qualities through symbol and metaphor.

My Feminine Awakening Collection captures aspects of the Goddess – the extraordinary magic of ‘normal’ women like you and me.  An ‘Awakened Woman’ portrait is your own unique expression made manifest.  

Charlotte’s art has a sincere and beautiful innocence. I own quite a few pieces, which demonstrates how much I appreciate their visual impact in my home and how their presence supports me at a spiritual level too.
— Angela Webb, Gainsborough